Volkswagen Beetle Ultima Edition LHD

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  • Classic VW Beetle For Sale at DD Classics
  • Classic VW Beetle
  • Classic VW Beetle Front View
  • Classic VW Beetle

"It features a Webasto style sunroof and whitewall tyres, which makes this a very chic summer mode of transport that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face!"

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Colour:Harvest Moon Beige

Volkswagen Beetle For Sale in London

One of the 20th century’s truly great automobiles, the Volkswagen ‘Beetle’ transcended its origins as the German ‘people’s car’, going on to become an all-time best seller and cult classic. Originally conceived by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, the ‘Beetle’ inspired unusual loyalty and enthusiasm based on its practicality, reliability, adaptability and affordability.

The Volkswagen’s layout was the essence of practicality. The platform chassis was simple to build, and its rear mounted engine left the entire volume between the wheels free of obstructions and mated it directly to the transaxle, eliminating the driveshaft. Porsche’s favoured trailing arm independent front suspension with transverse torsion bar springs and the swing axle rear suspension coped with the typically rough roads of the day. An air cooled engine eliminated the whole water cooling system of pumps, pipes, hoses and radiators, whilst also eliminating the risk of freezing in cold northern winters. It was a remarkably well thought out concept, meeting a number of difficult challenges. It proved, in terms of its impact on automobile design and acceptance comparable to Henry Ford’s Model T.

Seventy years ago post-war production commenced at Wolfsburg, which was under British military supervision. In 1945 the ‘Beetle’ was given subtly altered coachwork, improved running gear and a larger engine. Development proceeded slowly in the immediate post-War years but within a decade, one million of these cars were produced.

This fabulous VW Beetle was the highest Chassis Number (Thus the last produced) Ultima Beetle to be imported into the UK. The vehicle has only travelled 5,000 miles and as a result, it is a refined and sophisticated drive.

Stylish in Harvest Moon Beige with Red leather, it also features a Webasto style sunroof and whitewall tyres, which all makes this a very chic summer mode of transport that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face!

The Volkswagen is available for viewing at the DD Classics Dealership in London, please call to book an appointment.

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