Maserati Ghibli 4.7 LHD

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"The fortunate new owner will join an extremely exclusive club."

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Engine size:4700cc

1968 Maserati Ghibli 4.7 Ex Britt Ekland

In line with a Maserati tradition, which continues to this day, the Ghibli is named after a wind, the Libyan name for the hot and dry, south-western blowing desert Sirocco.

Our example is uniquely placed in the motoring hall of fame, with top tier Hollywood credentials! Documentation, in the file which accompanies the car, includes the original ROMA registration document. Here is recorded the name of the original owner, Britt Ekland, who was gifted the car by Peter Sellers, on the occasion of their marriage. A more romantic gesture one cannot imagine!

Unsurprisingly this car is a delight to use; the engine starts easily from cold and when hot. Pulling willingly through the gears and quickly achieving continental touring speeds. Long distance motoring is assisted by twin tanks and the five speed gearbox.

The roomy cockpit is in the best tradition of Gran Turismo automobile; the wide dashboard housing a battery of instruments. Sumptuous leather trimmed seats give an armchair ride as the scenery rockets past.

Probably the purest of designs by any manufacturer, the long bonnet with rear positioned cabin and purposeful, tail down, nose high, speedboat like stance are unrivalled in motoring design art.

Ready to take pole position in the most important car collection!

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