Citroën Ami 6 (LHD)

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"Call me about this fantastic car"

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Colour:Honeysuckle and White
Engine size:602cc

1963 Citroën Ami 6 For Sale In London (LHD)

  • Super cool and chic town car
  • The ‘best’ you will see
  • Restored to extremely high standard
  • Finished in a delightfully period colour combination
  • European delivered new
  • On button ready to GO!
  • Unrepeatable

Our beautiful and charming little French Ami 6 is beautifully finished in Honeysuckle with a Snow White roof and complemented by a wacky Blue and Black Leopard print cloth interior which all presents in virtually as-new condition. The seats and suspension combination is so comfortable you might want to just to put it in your living room and sit in it to have a glass of wine and watch TV!

The Citroën Ami is a four-door, front-wheel drive supermini (B-segment), manufactured and marketed by Citroën from 1961 to 1978. For some time it was the best-selling new car model in France.
The Ami was offered in saloon and estate body styles over two generations, the Ami 6 and the Ami 8. The car we have is the earlier reverse-raked rear window, the Ami 6 notchback.
Over 1,840,396 examples were manufactured over the entire production run.

With its reversed rear window, tilted parallel to the windshield to improve passenger comfort at the rear and facilitate access to the boot, the Ami 6 surprised everyone on its launch in 1961. The car popularly known as the “3 CV”, was the intermediate model between the 2CV and the DS. While maintaining the robustness and many features of the first, the Ami 6 offered a superior finish. As it was heavier than the 2CV, the engine therefore needed an increase of its capacity to 602cc, developing 25.5bhp on the car on offer.
The upholstery newly redone adapts very well and we can acknowledge the remarkable condition of the interior: the dashboard and instruments seem lik

Ami is the French word for friend. With its 602 cc engine capacity fractionally above the limit for 2 CV designation, the Ami was nicknamed the 3CV, differentiating it from the long established Citroën 2CV.

3CV stands for Trois chevaux, or “three horses” CV originally being the initials for “chevaux-vapeur” (horsepower  literally ‘steam horses’), but used here for “chevaux fiscaux”. The “cheval fiscal” was a French fiscal unit based on engine size with the smaller CV designating economy cars.

The Citroën Ami had its formal French launch on 25 April 1961.The Ami is a rebodied 2CV with certain mechanical upgrades (particularly a larger engine than the 1950s 2CV), to compensate for the added weight. At launch all the cars were powered by an air cooled 602 cc two-cylinder flat engine which would also be offered at extra cost in the 2CV from 1970.
The platform chassis and suspension is similar to the 2CV, being independent all round using leading and trailing arms and coil springs interconnected front to rear.

The Ami’s seats were easily removable. Sales pitches of the Ami included photographs of the seats being used as picnic chairs. A very popular car, today it is very rare to find one in such a beautiful state.

Now available for viewing at the DD Classics Dealership in London, please call 0208 878 3355 for more information.

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