Mercedes-Benz W180 220S ‘Ponton’ (RHD)

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Engine size:2200

1957 Mercedes-Benz W180 220S ‘Ponton’ (RHD) – For sale in London

  • Matching numbers
  • Stunning Mittelblau Exterior
  • Original Blue Interior / Wood finish


The 220S is the later edition to the W180 series succeeding the 220A. Featuring slight design changes around the chrome work, the most noticeable change was an upgrade to the 2.2 litre inline six engine, thanks to the introduction of twin carburettors. Brining the total output to 105hp, the ‘Ponton’ was no slouch on the road, boasting good acceleration, space and comfort.

This stylish W180 220S saloon was manufactured in July 1957 and was imported from the dryer climates of Italy in 2014, by its current UK owner, who has correctly registered the vehicle with an age relate number plate. There is a host of history, including its Italian registration documents, radio manual and recent re-commisioning invoices.

Finished in its original colour ‘Mittelblau’ (Medium Blue / DB350) with Blue material interior (H), the car is presented in seemingly original condition. Evidence from a Mercedes-Benz Homologation document confirms that it retains the original engine from 1957.

The overall condition of this W180 220S is simply stunning. The single piece chrome bumpers are in very good order, as is the rest of the chorme work. The paintwork is very good indeed, being very straight down the sides, and all panels fitting perfectly, as you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz. The engine bay is superb.

On the road the 220S is an absolute joy to drive. The manual column gear shifter makes for a different driving experience, but it’s quick to master and makes all future journeys an absolute pleasure. The large seats ensure complete comfort is had, a testimony to its future generations evolving into the S-Class range.

This early Mercedes-Benz is now available for viewing at the DD Classics Dealership in London, please call to book an appointment.

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