Maserati Quattroporte III (LHD)

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"Call me about this fantastic car"

Call: +44(0)208 8783355
Colour:Brown Metallizzato
Engine size:4.9

1982 Maserati Quattroporte III LHD For Sale in London

  • The final hand-built, mass-produced Italian production car
  • Unmarked brown metallizzato coachwork
  • Supplied with a good history folder

Produced by Maserati, the Quattroporte is a four-door, luxury sports saloon, for which the name translated from Italian literally means ‘four doors’. There have been six generations of this car; the first was introduced in 1963 and the current model launched in 2013. The Quattroporte IV from 1994 was a restyled, four-door version of the Ghibli II Coupé designed by Marcello Gandini. The new car, smaller than its predecessors, was aerodynamic and featured Gandini’s trademark angular rear wheel arch. A 2.8-Litre, twin-turbo, V6 was installed producing 280bhp and reaching a claimed top speed of 158mph. In 1995, a new release, the V8, 3.2-Litre Biturbo from the Maserati Shamal was introduced, developing 330bhp with a claimed top speed of 168mph.

The third generation of the Maserati luxury saloon was meant to make up for the Quattroporte II fiasco. Alejandro De Tomaso, who disliked Citroën, discarded all Citroën technology used on the Quattroporte II. Mechanical parts came from the Kyalami and the Quattroporte had again a V8 engine and rear wheel drive. The impressive body of the Quattroporte III was designed by Giugiaro and the steel body shells were built at the Innocenti plant near Milan, prior to assembly in Modena. When the car went on sale in 1979, it was an instant commercial success. In 1987, a restyled version called Quattroporte Royale offered an upgraded interior and a 20hp more powerful 4.9L engine. Production of the Quattroporte III continued until 1990.

This delightful Maserati is in excellent condition. The Brown Metallizzato coachwork is unmarked and the sumptuous interior with its ample legroom, wooden dashboard and leather interior is in superb order.

Now available for viewing at the DD Classics Dealership in London, please call 0208 878 3355 for more information.

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