Jensen FF MK II Auto RHD

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"Being 1 of just 325 worldwide, Jensen FF cars are becoming highly sought after and especially a Mark II example, of which only 110 were manufactured in total."

Call: +44(0)208 8783355
Colour:Jade Green Metallic
Engine size:6,276 cc

1971 Jensen FF II Auto (RHD) for sale in London

  • An exceptionally rare example
  • 1 of just 110 MK II examples
  • The recipient of much restoration work
  • Coming from a large private collection

The Jensen FF is a four-wheel drive Grand Tourer produced between 1966 and 1971. It was the first non all-terrain production car equipped with 4WD and an anti-lock braking system. The use of four-wheel drive in a passenger car preceded the successful Audi Quattro by many years and the Subaru by five years. “FF” stands for Ferguson Formula after Ferguson Research Ltd who invented the car’s system. The FF is related to the similar-looking, rear-wheel drive Jensen Interceptor but is five inches longer and mechanically very different. The FF can be distinguished from the Interceptor by a few styling cues, with the most obvious being the twin (rather than single) diagonal air vents on the front wing just rear of the wheel-arches.

This fabulous Jensen FF was originally registered on 2nd April 1971 and has had five former keepers. The beautiful Jade Green metallic coachwork is complemented by lovely brightwork and an unmarked set of alloy wheels. In addition to this, the sumptuous tan leather seats are in excellent order and are as comfortable as an armchair.

Accompanying the car are numerous invoices detailing works carried out over the years.  As one would expect from an example that has been so clearly cherished, our Jensen FF remains in superb working order. Its V8 engine sounds superb and the gearbox operates as it should, providing a fabulous driving experience in all conditions.

Being 1 of just 325 worldwide, Jensen FF cars are becoming highly sought after and especially a Mark II example, of which only 110 were manufactured in total. One in such good condition as this must be seen at the earliest opportunity.

Now available for viewing at the DD Classics Dealership in London, please call 0208 878 3355 for more information.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the above information but errors may occur. Please check with a salesperson.

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