Bentley T2 Saloon (RHD)

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  • 1978 Bentley T2-11978 Bentley T2-1
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  • YPF95T_1
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  • YPF95T2_1
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  • YPF95T_2
  • YPF95T_3
  • YPF95T2_2
  • 1978 Bentley T2-1
  • 1978 Bentley T2-2
  • 1978 Bentley T2-3
  • 1978 Bentley T2-4
  • 1978 Bentley T2-5
  • 1978 Bentley T2-6
  • 1978 Bentley T2-7
  • 1978 Bentley T2-8
  • 1978 Bentley T2-9
  • 1978 Bentley T2-10
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  • 1978 Bentley T2-24
  • 1978 Bentley T2-25
  • 1978 Bentley T2-26
  • 1978 Bentley T2-27
  • 1978 Bentley T2-28

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Colour:Brewster Green
Engine size:6750 cc
Mileage:59,916 Miles

1978 Bentley T2 Saloon (RHD) – For sale in London

  • Just 59,916 Miles from new
  • Beautiful Brewster Green with contrasting Tan hide
  • Original Blaupunkt radio
  • Reputable Bentley factory early service history
  • Truly Outstanding example

Outwardly distinguishable from the Silver Shadow only by virtue of its different radiator and winged ‘B’ mascot, the T-Series Bentley was introduced alongside its Rolls-Royce sibling in 1965. Mechanically identical, the duo represented a complete break with tradition, being the first of the Crewe factory’s models to employ unitary construction.

In 1977 the model was updated as a Bentley T2 with many improvements over the first series cars. The T2 derivative has become the most collectible of all Silver Shadow and Bentley T Series models because of their rarity and fantastic drivability coupled with handsome proportions and exquisite hand built quality. By the time production ceased in 1980, only 568 Bentley T2s had found customers compared with over 10,500 Rolls-Royce Shadow II’s and today this arguably more handsome car is increasingly sought after.

Available here at DD Classics is a rare Bentley T2 finished in the quintessentially British combination of Brewster Green over sumptuous Tan Connolly hide. Contrasting gold coach lines complete the grandeur that this car emits from its exterior whilst the beautiful Tan Hide interior completes the most desirable and traditional Bentley driver’s colour scheme.

The beautiful Walnut dashboard and trim enhance the cars stunning appearance and with the whole interior emitting pure luxury, this rare T2 is a pleasure to drive on the road. The 4-speed automatic transmission engages into drive seamlessly, and rolls along the road beautifully making it a pleasure to drive. The steering is light but sharp, it begs the question at how so many little miles have been driven in its life time.

Our beautiful T2 has been exceptionally well cared for over its 40 year life, with early history from the Bentley factory, presented in a beautiful condition throughout, this stunning example is in a traditional colour scheme and definitely one of the finest T2 Bentley motor cars available anywhere.

Now available for viewing at the DD Classics Dealership in London, please call to book an appointment.

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